PRESS RELEASE: The advent of the 5.5G era brings boundless opportunities for the explosive growth of new services, such as livestreaming, cloud gaming, glasses-free 3D, and RedCap. The emergence of these new services is driving a shift in network requirements from focusing solely on downlink performance to delivering multi-dimensional capabilities in the uplink, latency, and coverage.

Global network development is undergoing an inevitable trend of driving all bands to 5G, in which FDD spectrum is key to building multi-dimensional capabilities and experiences. Huawei’s FDD ultra-wideband multi-antenna product portfolio has been widely deployed on a global scale, making outstanding contributions to the construction of global 4G and 5G networks and earning widespread recognition.

Industry’s only commercial FDD massive MIMO empowers superior experience and capacity on 5G networks.

Huawei’s FDD massive MIMO solution has been deployed on more than 100 networks worldwide, delivering superb network performance to users across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. A top operator in Ghana partnered with Huawei to implement this solution on a large scale, which has boosted the average network traffic growth rate by 3.3 times, shortened the ROI period to just 0.6 years, and saved electricity expenses by over 20%.

Industry’s only commercial FDD 8T8R benefits both 4G and 5G through RRU native beamforming.

FDD 8T8R is another industry-leading solution from Huawei. This award-winning solution introduces the native beamforming capability to RRUs for the first time, enabling premium experiences across all scenarios on over 100 networks worldwide. In Cambodia, operators have leveraged Huawei’s FDD 8T8R solution to elevate user experience by up to 3-fold and drive sustained growth in network traffic.

The complete portfolio of FDD products adheres to the GigaGreen initiative, driving the evolution of multi-dimensional network capabilities.

To empower full-service multi-dimensional experiences on 5.5G networks, Huawei has unveiled the latest GigaGreen innovations based on breakthroughs in materials, algorithms, and architecture. These innovations aim to deliver ultimate experiences and energy efficiency through the use of Gigaband beamforming and “0 Bit 0 Watt” technologies.

Building upon the GigaGreen innovations, FDD massive MIMO and 8T8R establish simplified green networks with ample capacity, large uplink, minimal latency, and wide coverage through industry-leading true wideband and beamforming technologies, meeting the requirements of diverse scenarios, services, and applications.

The industry has recently recognized the GigaGreen innovations upon the release of the shortlist for the 2024 GSMA GLOMO awards. We are confident that the FDD GigaGreen solution will be the optimal choice for the construction of high-quality 5.5G networks.

Continuous advancements to Huawei FDD GigaGreen Radio ensure unparalleled network performance and energy efficiency.

During the upcoming MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei will host the “All Bands to 5G” summit on February 27. Esteemed 5G operators and industry representatives from around the world will deliver keynote speeches, engage in discussions on industry trends, technology development directions, and network construction standards, and share successful 5G network construction practices. At the summit, Huawei will unveil the latest full series of FDD GigaGreen solutions, showcasing new breakthroughs in specifications and performance. These advancements will effectively propel network evolution and enhance the 5.5G full-service multi-dimensional experience.