PRESS RELEASE: At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023, Huawei unveiled the iHashBAND 2.0 solution — a 5.5G-oriented evolution of the 5G multi-band coordination solution iHashBAND. iHashBAND 2.0 overcomes the limitations of conventional band division and carrier configuration and achieves spectrum pooling, a new mode of multi-band coordination, which enables revolutionary unified allocation and flexible combination of spectrum resources and provides a strong boost for 5.5G to achieve its promise of 1 Gbps uplink and 10 Gbps downlink.

iHashBAND 2.0 incorporates Huawei’s innovative flexible spectrum access (FSA) and multi-band serving cell (MB-SC) technologies designed for both uplink and downlink. The solution also introduces uplink and downlink spectrum pooling technology for the first time. The biggest benefit of this technology is that discrete spectrum resources across bands, carriers, and timeslots are centrally managed and scheduled. In this way, whether in the uplink or downlink, optimal bands and carriers can be selected in just milliseconds in response to service requirements and network conditions, meaning that virtual high-bandwidth carriers are possible to provide superb user experience. With spectrum pooling enabled through air interface reconstruction, iHashBAND 2.0 improves spectrum utilization by 40%. The solution has been incorporated into new industry standards and will pave a new way for multi-band coordination.

Solari Yu, President of Huawei’s SingleRAN Product Line, remarked: “5.5G brings new experiences, new connections, and new services. iHashBAND 2.0 exemplifies a significant breakthrough in air interface reconstruction and is the world’s first technical solution to implement spectrum pooling, and its release also proves our leading innovation capabilities in 5.5G. We look forward to working with industry chain partners to promote standardization and boost the device ecosystem to deliver an ultimate 5.5G experience.”