PRESS RELEASE: Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited (HTHK) and Huawei International Company Limited (Huawei) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 5.5G green strategy collaboration at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona on 27 February 2024.

Under the MoU, HTHK will adopt an industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) energy-saving solution to significantly enhance the efficient use of energy and energy-saving capabilities of 5G base stations in Hong Kong, aiming to achieve a “zero bit, zero watt” energy-saving goal. The duo will also collaborate to drive sustainable development of the telecoms industry by promoting green mobile network development and exploring innovative 5.5G applications in Hong Kong.

Kenny Koo, Executive Director and CEO of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited said: “As we are committed to popularising 5G applications and expanding 5G coverage while focusing on carbon emission management, we have incorporated sustainable development and climate change concerns into our operations. By adopting advanced AI energy-saving solutions to regulate power consumption of our network, along with efficient antenna components, we aim to significantly reduce energy consumption of our 5G network, achieve energy savings and carbon reduction, while maintaining superior customer experience.”

Yu Yang, President of SRAN Product Line of Huawei, stated: “This collaboration is crucial for both parties in promoting sustainable development in the telecoms industry and green network deployment. We will continue to conduct innovative research based on the “zero bit, zero watt’ wireless energy-saving innovation, promote the wider application, and build a stable and green 5.5G network foundation for network operators in Hong Kong and even globally. Huawei will also leverage its 30 years of ICT technology and experience to work together with HTHK to bring an even more intelligent and high-quality network to mobile users, enhancing the user experience further.”

Reduction of about 400,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions with smart energy-saving solution

As outlined in the MoU, HTHK and Huawei will join forces to drive green network development by adopting advanced technologies. HTHK will deploy the AI energy-saving solution at base stations across different areas by phases starting the first quarter of 2024. Leveraging AI to manage and analyse network traffic round the clock, this innovative solution will automatically switch the network to a smart energy-saving mode during low traffic periods. Approximately 400,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) can be reduced every year after full deployment of the solution, equivalent to the flight carbon emissions of about 1,000 journeys between Hong Kong and Barcelona.

In busy areas with high network traffic, HTHK will deploy Huawei’s MetaAAU energy-saving antenna, a high-efficiency hardware equipment, based on the innovative “zero bit, zero watt” wireless energy-saving approach to minimise power consumption. Trials have demonstrated results with network power consumption during the sleeping mode measuring below 10 watts.

The AI system will swiftly respond to increasing network traffic by waking up the network to ensure that customers can enjoy uninterrupted service and a seamless network experience. Currently, HTHK is conducting pre-commercial trials of the energy-saving solution in New Territories East, with plans to roll out the solution to other areas in the first quarter 2024.

The MoU also underscores both parties’ commitment to exploring energy-saving and emission-reducing solutions across various areas such as mobile devices, infrastructure and recycling, with the goal to drive sustainable development in the mobile industry.

HTHK remains dedicated to sustainability and addressing climate change for the long term. By providing advanced, high-quality telecoms services and driving sustainable business development, it aims to advance Hong Kong to becoming an environmentally friendly smart city in this rapidly evolving digital era.

Huawei is committed to strengthening its green ICT infrastructure and accelerating the development of renewable energy sources. It actively encourages various industries to adopt energy-saving and emission-reducing solutions. In collaboration with partners from industry, academic and research sectors, Huawei engages in innovation and scientific research to build a smart green community.