Wi-Fi HaLow delivers the familiar benefits of the Wi-Fi standard, such as easy integration, native IP support, the latest Wi-Fi security measures such as WPA3, and extensive ecosystem support. Additionally, there is no need for proprietary hubs and gateways since Wi-Fi HaLow is a standard.

The choice of lower frequencies offers a compelling mix of extended range and robust penetration through physical obstacles. Moreover, the low-power aspect of the technology enables Wi-Fi HaLow devices to be powered by coin-sized cell batteries for months and, in some cases, years.

This white paper explains the capabilities of Wi-Fi HaLow, how it can be integrated into IoT solutions, and how its performance can be optimized. The paper concludes with typical Wi-Fi HaLow applications and the hardware required, such as the Quectel FGH100M module, to support them.

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