Vodafone Group CTO Johan Wibergh (pictured) stated a major software upgrade to the operator’s global transport network will ensure faster, more secure connectivity by enabling it to automatically adapt to peaks in traffic worldwide.

The UK-headquartered operator explained it directly applied software defined networking (SDN) to the multi-vendor parts of the network to better orchestrate mobile and fixed data, and voice traffic.

Vodafone aims to create a fully automated and programmable network, using software-driven commands to make changes to more than 620 multi-vendor network platforms.

The operator noted it will be in a better position to meet rising demand, as data traffic over its fixed and mobile networks continues to grow by more than 15 per cent every year.

Wibergh stated the software upgrade “gives us a single view on the section of the transport network connecting people and machines globally”.

Vodafone’s global transport network comprises optical fibre capable of carrying and directing up to 250 terabytes of data traffic at any one time.