Verizon teamed with Emory Healthcare to test new 5G use cases for the medical industry at the latter’s Innovation Hub in Atlanta, in a bid to discover how the technology can be used to improve patient care.

The collaboration will explore applications including connected ambulances; remote physical therapy; medical imaging; and use of AR and VR for training.

Scott Boden, VP for business innovation for Emory Healthcare, said in a statement 5G will be “critical to the digital evolution of health,” influencing “every facet of healthcare,” delivering innovation in the provision of care.

Verizon Business Group CEO Tami Erwin added: “With 5G, doctors should be able to do things like create holographic 3D anatomical renderings that can be studied from every angle and even projected onto the body in the operating room to help guide surgery.”

In addition to offering its 5G service in Emory Healthcare’s Innovation Hub, Verizon said it will also provide network and security services, project management, professional consulting services and managed infrastructure. It will also have a seat on the Emory Hub executive advisory board.

Though Verizon has six of its own 5G labs sprinkled across the US and UK, it noted the Emory Healthcare location is the first set up on a customer’s premises, as part of an ongoing initiative to co-develop use cases with industry partners.