T-Mobile US struck a partnership with Apple to launch a mobile plan tailored for small businesses, helping the iPhone maker gain traction with an offering it launched in 2021 targeting IT services.

In a statement, T-Mobile explained it had joined forces with Apple to offer small businesses a mobile plan that includes subsidised iPhones, cloud storage, management services and more.

Under the T-Mobile plan, the operator will offer access to its network, bundled with Apple’s Business Essentials package and the iPhone 13 to each employee at a business taking up the service.

In addition, the plan will include AppleCare+, an insurance programme covering repairs to devices, as well as provide Wi-Fi coverage on numerous US airlines.

T-Mobile’s plan has been dubbed Business Unlimited Ultimate+ and will cost $50 a month per line when a company takes up six lines or more.

Pain point
Apple launched Business Essentials in 2021 for smaller companies with limited IT departments, priced at between $2.99 and $12.99 per month and employee.

Callie Field, president of T-Mobile’s Business Group, said it was always looking for ways to provide more value to customers and “working with Apple gives us the opportunity to tackle a whole new pain point from small business, IT management.”

T-Mobile pointed out there were 5.4 million new business applications filed in the US in 2021, more than any year on record.

Exactly how Apple and T-Mobile plan to divvy up the revenue it makes from the service was undisclosed.