INTERVIEW: Operators need to enlist sector experts to give them the greatest prospect of success in the IoT market, Marcelo Bertolami, Americas general manager at Intel (pictured), noted, adding this will ensure they are providing full solutions to industry.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, the executive said the key to success was to have both the solution and “the guy that knows the business” and expertise in the “technology beyond the IT”.

Employing individuals or companies with deep knowledge in the vertical being targeted and relevant solutions would mean operators could supply products which “actually solve the problems and maybe give new business models.”

During the interview, Bertolami said operators must work to find new business cases, as only providing the connectivity for the fourth industrial revolution would give them just a five per cent share of new revenue opportunities.

He added operators would be better served providing solutions such as data processing themselves.

However, Bertolami noted plays in the IoT and data markets should start as cost-saving initiatives before moving on to open new business models, if operators employ the correct strategies.

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