VIDEO INTERVIEW: Christy Wyatt, chief executive of enterprise mobility specialist Good Technology, warned companies to think carefully about their long-term workforce mobilisation strategies.

When addressing the BYOD challenge, Wyatt said there is a tendency among companies to “jump immediately on device management” or “easy web-based tools”, because they are low-cost and appear easy to manage.

“It’s not until they need to start thinking about creating applications that they start looking for a mobile security platform, or start realising that some of these lighterweight technologies can’t really make the transition,” she said.

And despite all the BYOD hype, Wyatt believes it’s still early days. Putting work email on iPads or other personal devices, she said, is generally restricted to a small number of employees within the organisation who were given smartphones in the first place.

It is only when enterprise IT becomes an application, which can be downloaded easily and securely onto a range of mobile devices, that Wyatt envisages a much greater proportion of the workforce becoming mobilised.

“What’s really more interesting to us, because we have a platform approach, is what happens when everybody has mobile devices [for work],” observed Wyatt. “The next set of thoughts, then, is what else can I do to really take advantage of mobility? And that’s when mobile transformation starts to get into the core business.”

Watch the full video interview here.