The CBRS Alliance tapped executives from Wi-Fi provider Boingo Wireless and infrastructure company American Tower to lead a new working group tasked with developing deployment models for 3.5GHz systems in the US.

In the US, the 3.5GHz frequency (commonly known as CBRS spectrum) is designated as a shared band, with tiered access designed to give multiple parties the ability to launch wireless services.

Boingo Wireless CTO Derek Peterson and American Tower’s director of technology innovation Piyush Raj will oversee the Deployment and Operations group. Its aim is to identify new models for rolling out the frequency and best practices, including for interconnections between networks, operators and roaming hubs.

The move follows the CBRS Alliance’s introduction of the OnGo brand for 3.5GHz products in May and comes as it pushes toward expected commercialisation in Q4.

Raj said in a statement the new working group is “looking forward to enabling a robust OnGo ecosystem by supporting the development of deployment best practices, while also fostering an active conversation between end users, service providers and the technical working groups to ensure all needs are met as the technology continues to evolve to best meet industry demands.”

In a recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the CBRS Alliance said 12 devices have already been submitted for OnGo certification. Three of those have completed lab testing and are awaiting further review by the FCC.

The group also marked another milestone, noting it now has a total of 100 members, up from the six members it started with two years ago.