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Telenor hails impact of mobile health initiative

08 MAR 2019

INTERVIEW: Sajid Rahman, CEO at Telenor Health (pictured), explained the launch of its mobile health platform in Bangladesh in 2015 had delivered a huge boost to healthcare in the country, with doctors performing more than 500,000 consultations through the system to date.

Rahman told Mobile World Live close to 6 million users have signed up to the platform which, combined with the consultations, “shows the magnitute of the impact we are having”.

The company is now gearing up to expand the service into other emerging markets in Asia and Africa, with “experiments on features and prices” meaning the company has “written almost 80 per cent of the playbook”.

“As we reach 100 per cent we should be ready to expand”, he said.

Telenor Health’s experience in Bangladesh helped it to understand “what works, what doesn’t work, what makes consumers engaged to our platform, where things can go wrong, what sort of price range is acceptable,” Rahman explained.

He also spoke about how the business wants to use artificial intelligence to improve consultations and the customer experience.

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