Tele2 plots 4G route for bigger Dutch market share

Tele2 plots 4G route for bigger Dutch market share

06 SEP 2013

Sweden’s Tele2 aims to increases its mobile market share in the Netherlands from 5 per cent to 20 per cent on the back of 4G rollout.

“We see this as an ambition, that’s what we’ll say about it,” Tele2 Netherlands chief executives told analysts on Thursday (5 September).

No timetables for achieving that target were set, or when Tele2 Netherlands would start rolling out its 4G network.

Tele2’s Dutch operation currently leases 2G and 3G capacity from rival T-Mobile – it currently has no live network of its own.

Yesterday, however, Tele2 announced its 4G suppliers in the Netherlands: NSN for RAN gear, Huawei for core equipment, and Mavenir Systems for IMS.

Tele2 has already started building the network locations. Purchase orders with NSN, Huawei and Mavenir Systems have been placed.

Günther Vogelpoel, chief executive of Tele2 Netherlands, said: “The completed procurement, in combination with the recently announced site sharing and MVNO agreements, puts Tele2 in the right position to continue to challenge the players on the Dutch market. With this setting, we will roll-out a very strong 4G network whilst being highly cost efficient.”

In August, Tele2 agreed to share T-Mobile’s sites for 4G. Tele2 says it now has access to the majority of antenna sites on rooftops and towers – in addition to its own sites in the Netherlands – for 4G rollout.

Both operators are to roll out and operate their own 4G frequencies and network independently.

As part of the August agreement, Tele2 extended its MVNO deal for 2G and 3G with T-Mobile for a period of 5 years.


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