Silent Circle has expanded the range of its highly secure enterprise mobile devices with the launch of the BlackPhone 2 and a privacy-focused tablet called Blackphone+, as it enters what it describes as its second stage of growth.

The devices, which are based on the ZRTP mobile architecture and follow the first-generation Blackphone, are designed to address enterprise concerns about the use of mobile devices following some recent high-profile cyber attacks. ZRTP is a cryptographic key-agreement protocol to negotiate encryption keys required to establish an end-to-end secured VoIP call.

“Everything we do is designed to help global enterprises achieve real privacy without compromising productivity,” said Phil Zimmermann, Silent Circle co-founder and chief scientist. “This is much more than simply another product launch. I have built my career around the principle that privacy is a right. Now, in a post-Sony world, the way to protect an individual’s right is through the enterprise.”

The company, which recently raised $50 million in funding to support its future growth and also assumed full ownership of Blackphone after buying out Geeksphone’s stake in the joint venture SGP Technologies, said the three devices form part of what it claims to be “the world’s first enterprise privacy platform”.

Both new products will be available from the second half of 2015.

This platform also includes the Android-based operating system PrivatOS developed by Silent Circle, a set of applications under Silent Suite and the privacy-focused app store, Silent Store.

“Traditional security solutions have failed global enterprise in a mobile world and make data and privacy breaches feel inevitable to most enterprises,” said Silent Circle co-founder and chairman Mike Janke at Congress this week. “What’s more, these breaches have evolved and have much broader impact. They now put every customer, employee and partner at risk. They are eroding the trust people have in enterprises. They have moved privacy firmly to the top of the boardroom agenda.”