Japanese number-one operator NTT Docomo has announced the launch of a global enterprise platform for wireless M2M systems.

Docomo M2M Platform will manage the communication lines via NTT Docomo’s mobile network – including international roaming – as well for the networks of operators outside of Japan.

The service – which uses M2M technology from US-based Jasper Wireless – connects M2M communication lines in more than 200 countries via a unified web interface.

Conventional M2M platforms need to be customised for each local operator’s communication line, meaning a separate platform is needed for each country. The Docomo M2M Platform removes this need, reducing the costs.

The platform allows real-time monitoring of data usage and communication fees, remote activation and deactivation of communication lines and basic diagnosis of communication failures.

Corporate customers can integrate the platform with their M2M products, with uses including vehicle or machinery management systems.