Mapping business HERE, along with a dozen companies from the automotive industry, announced the next steps in the joint efforts to establish a global standard for transmitting sensor data from vehicles to the cloud, while revealing some participants involved in the process.

HERE, which is in the process of being sold by Nokia to a consortium of German carmakers – Audi, BMW and Daimler – for €2.8 billion, kicked off the process back in August in Berlin with 16 companies, including carmakers and suppliers, as well as system vendors, as part of a joint effort to establish an interface to define how sensor data from cars on the road can be ingested by the cloud.

The latest development sees HERE announce a range of participants involved in the process, which includes leading automobile companies Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, General Motors, INRIX Robert Bosch and TomTom, who all congregated at a second meeting this week in Michigan to further discuss the initiative.

HERE said discussions this time round revolved around technical issues, such as data content, security, anonymisation, technical accuracy and efficiency.

The effort behind an open standard for the automobile industry is being ramped up as more cars become connected to the internet, generating vast amounts of data. HERE and its partners argue the ability to share data across car makers globally “is essential to make automated driving a reality”, while improving real time safety for drivers, as well provide live traffic reports.

“Connectivity is transforming the automotive industry and soon cars will generate tremendous amounts of data that can be used to reduce the number of accidents and congestion on the roads,” said Ogi Redzic, SVP of automotive at HERE.

Also on the agenda in Michigan, participants chewed over the best way to hand over specification to a neutral standards body to ensure “cooperation among all industry players globally”.

HERE said it has already held initial discussions with two leading standards organisations over the issue.

“Our goal is to find a home for this specification that is open, accessible to all members and non members and global,” added Redzic.

On 4 November, HERE will lead the next meeting with automotive players across Asia in Tokyo to “further drive industry collaboration”.