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General Motors plans LTE launch in 2014

25 FEB 2013

General Motors will introduce LTE connectivity to cars as soon as next year, according to Steve Grisky, GM’s vice chairman, speaking in a keynote session today.

The car giant wants to offer the high speed services across a range of its brands in North America in 2014, with Europe to follow next, he said.

“No one will do this as quickly as us,” according to Grisky.

The extra speeds are necessary as car manufacturers offer a growing range of mobile services to motorists. The first operator who will partner GM on LTE is AT&T, said Grisky.

The range of innovative services destined for cars include streaming video into rear seats and more sophisticated diagnostics.

The car industry needs to adopt development cycle that is close to the technology industry. Currently, the industry‘s cycle is three to years, compared to the tech industry’s 12-24 months.

“In the tech industry, when a new is installed system we upgrade apps not purchase a new system,” said Grisky.

He pointed out that innovation happened in the car industry and quipped about the automobile being “the original device”.

GM’s range of brands in the US and elsewhere include Cadillac, Chevrolet, Opel and Vauxhall.

And high-speed connectivity is “needed in entry level cars as much as high-end ones”, said Grisky, indicating that high-end services could be available across GM’s range, not just the most expensive ones.


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