Arm CEO Rene Haas pushed the company’s central role in the growing AI ecosystem during a keynote at trade show Computex, as the chip designer unveiled technology claimed to deliver next-generation services based on the technology.

Speaking at the event in Taiwan, the executive pitched Arm’s technology as aiding current AI-toting applications and provided an optimistic view of its potential moving forward, given its partner roster, technology and developer community.

Haas noted he expected AI will be “everywhere” in the next generation of technology products, with these “getting harder and harder to build” given “everything now is a computer”, from toasters to cars.

His speech came as the company released its Arm Total Compute Solutions 2023 mobile platform, which includes a GPU based on its newly-released fifth generation architecture and an upgraded cluster of CPUs.

The new CPU generation, Arm claims, affirms its leadership in next generation AI, alongside providing enhancements to “deliver more accessible software for the millions of Arm developers”.

Promotion of the company’s position in the hyped AI ecosystem comes as the chip design business continues to prepare for its highly anticipated IPO.