Jolla claims smartphone sales success

Jolla claims smartphone sales success

21 AUG 2013

Devices start-up Jolla said that the initial production run of its eponymous smartphones has been “fully booked by consumers and selected sales channels”, although with no production figures available it is not clear how much of a success this actually represents.

The company – unsurprisingly – declined to provide absolute numbers, citing commercial confidentiality. But with Canonical’s Indiegogo funding round looking set to fall flat imminently after generating headlines, it is perhaps unsurprising that Jolla is taking the opportunity to steal some (positive) limelight.

Jolla began presales of its device in May 2013, with a price point of €399 for early adopters.

According to the company, orders have been received from 136 countries. Shipping is scheduled to start by the end of 2013, starting in Europe, with Finnish operator DNA set to be the first operator to offer the Jolla device.

Jolla also said it intends to run another pre-sales campaign “later in the Autumn”.


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