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Airspan deploys FWA using Wi-Fi 6E

14 OCT 2021

US equipment company Airspan Networks’ Mimosa unit unveiled a Wi-Fi 6E access point targeting wireless internet service providers (WISPs), claiming it will deliver data rates of up to 1.75Gb/s using unlicensed spectrum.

The A6 access point operates in the 6GHz spectrum band designated for Wi-Fi 6E as well as the 5GHz band. In a statement, Airspan Networks claimed it is the only fixed wireless access (FWA) platform built exclusively for the larger 160MHz channels available in the  frequencies.

Airspan Networks president and CEO Eric Stonestrom highlighted “the importance of gigabit speeds in major government-funded programmes”.

Operators are reportedly looking to employ FWA in a $20.4 billion US government investment in rural broadband networks.

Airspan Networks predicted mobile operators would employ the A6 to densify 5G networks, stating each unit can handle more than 200 subscribers.

The A6 connects to outdoor customer premise equipment and employs 1,024 QAM, channel bonding, MU-MIMO, beamforming and orthogonal frequency division multiple access.

Airspan Networks purchased Mimosa in 2018.



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