PRESS RELEASE: The CMG Spring Festival Gala, a cherished annual celebration hosted by China Media Group (CMG), unites Chinese people worldwide in welcoming the Chinese New Year with their families.

This year, CMG collaborated with China Mobile and ZTE to introduce the groundbreaking “5G-A ultra-high-definition (UHD) shallow compression wireless mobile live broadcast” technology. This innovation facilitated the first-ever live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala using 5G-A, delivering a seamless audio-visual experience to millions of viewers that merged cutting-edge content creation with technological innovation.

A highlight of recent CMG Spring Festival Gala broadcasts has been the “vertical screen to watch the Spring Festival Gala,” offering an immersive, interactive, and entertaining viewing experience. This feature presented split-screen content and seamlessly switched between different viewpoints at the live broadcast site, significantly enhancing the festive atmosphere.

The 5G-A UHD shallow compression wireless mobile broadcasting technology employed during this year’s CMG Spring Festival Gala leveraged ZTE’s high-capacity 5G-A distributed micro-stations and base station computing engines. This setup provided a network capable of large bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability, enabling intelligent and minimalistic wireless video production. It effectively reduced the complex cable setups traditionally required for live broadcasting, allowing camera operators to capture the best shots efficiently.

The high-performance 5G-A private network facilitated wireless UHD shallow compression video capture and supported seamless transition between wireless and wired camera feeds—a groundbreaking achievement in new media production and broadcasting applications. Throughout the over five-hour HD live broadcast of the CMG Spring Festival Gala 2024, video transmission remained stable and reliable. Feedback indicated that the 5G-A private network’s uplink rate surpassed 2Gbps, with an average transmission latency of just 4ms. This performance, combined with CMG’s shallow compression and high-efficiency encoding and decoding technology, supported multi-channel ultra-high-definition live streaming with ultra-low latency and stable uplink transmission.

Vertical screen live broadcast of the CMG Spring Festival Gala 2024, also utilized ZTE’s lightweight AR shooting technology, enabling quick and easy creation of virtual reality fusion scenes. Camera operators swiftly completed shooting tasks of lightweight reality-virtual fusion production through mobile phones or micro-sheets equipped with lightweight position location acquisition equipment without adding extra weight.

The 5G-A ultra-high-definition shallow compression wireless mobile broadcast achieved a perfect fusion of art and technology, successfully delivering this warm and festive “Cultural New Year’s Eve dinner” to hundreds of millions of viewers. Looking ahead, ZTE is poised to deepen its collaboration with China Mobile and CMG, leveraging 5G-A technology to present even more thrilling audio-visual spectacles for the public.