PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation together with China Mobile Research Institute, the Guangdong Branch of China Mobile, and Guangzhou MINO Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MINO”) has jointly accomplished the industry’s first pre-commercial trial of 5G-Advanded based Industrial Field Network in Guangzhou.

The test results demonstrate outstanding performance achievements, including higher determinism ([email protected]%), increased uplink (UL) throughput of 600Mbps, and lower end-to-end latency of 5.3ms. These impressive results were obtained using a single carrier with a 100MHz bandwidth, highlighting the capabilities of 5G-Advanced technologies. This remarkable performance not only sets new industry standards but also serves as a catalyst for accelerating the industry’s digitalization and intelligent transformation. The trial underscores the effectiveness of multi-party joint verification in driving 5G-Advanced advancements in standardization, ecosystem development, and innovations.

China Mobile has taken the lead in establishing the world’s largest and most advanced 5G Standalone (SA) network, continuously pushing the boundaries of spectral efficiency to bolster the foundation of the 5G system. The company has played a proactive role in driving the evolution of 3GPP standards towards 5G-Advanced, which encompasses innovations like Unified Time & Frequency Division Duplexing (UDD) and UE Aggregation (UA).

UDD, also known as SubBand Full Duplex (SBFD), enables gNodeB to simultaneously transmit and receive data in non-overlapping sub-bands, significantly enhancing mobile broadband system capabilities and introducing new possibilities to the industry. UE Aggregation, through the deep coordination of multiple User Equipment (UE), overcomes the limitations of individual devices, including transmission power, bandwidth, and antenna numbers. This approach enhances throughput and reliability by employing data splitting and replication.

Guangzhou MINO Equipment Co., Ltd, a leading provider of global intelligent manufacturing solutions for the automotive industry, has been dedicated to implementing and innovating ‘building-block’ intelligent production lines, modular intelligent products, digital virtual manufacturing technologies, and industrial Internet of Things big data services. MINO has formed a deep strategic partnership with China Mobile and ZTE in the realms of ‘5G + intelligent manufacturing + industrial Internet.’ Through this collaboration, they aim to enhance their digital strategic positioning by harnessing the potential of 5G-Advanced technologies.

In September of this year, China Mobile Research Institute, MINO, and ZTE collaborated on a joint verification of 5G-Advanced-based Industrial Field Networks in the core manufacturing sector, leveraging MINO’s Manufacturing Intelligence Service Data Platform (MISP) in Guangzhou. This verification encompassed crucial services, including data acquisition, digital twins, and industrial data services.

With the incorporation of 5G-Advanced Unified Time & Frequency Division Duplexing (UDD) and UE Aggregation technologies, remarkable improvements were achieved. The uplink throughput exceeded 600Mbps, marking a substantial enhancement of over 60% compared to commercial 5G networks. Furthermore, the end-to-end latency was reduced to as low as 5.3ms, a significant decrease of 55% compared to standard 5G networks. Simultaneously, reliability was improved from [email protected]% in current 5G networks to [email protected]%, ensuring the stable and efficient operation of core production processes in scenarios with high uplink bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability. These results represent a promising step toward meeting the demands of high-speed and high-flexibility production lines.

The Guangdong Branch of China Mobile played a pivotal role by providing the 5G network environment for this verification. They remain committed to promoting and expanding the commercial verification scale of 5G-Advanced in Industrial Field Networks.

In the future, China Mobile Research Institute, in collaboration with partners such as MINO and ZTE, will remain committed  to advancing 5G-Advacned standards. Their joint efforts will focus on expediting the efficient application of innovations and expanding the ecosystem.