PRESS RELEASE: China Mobile Henan has been dedicated to developing energy-saving and emission-reducing solutions for its networks.

In addition to its ongoing efforts to optimize equipment room and air conditioner operations and management, the company is also actively exploring new ways to reduce energy consumption of its existing network equipment. By partnering with Huawei, China Mobile Henan has made significant strides in advancing energy-saving technology for its network equipment, resulting in impressive outcomes.

As 4G networking continues to evolve and more spectrum resources are allocated to 5G networks, energy consumption is becoming a major challenge for the industry. In typical service scenarios, site energy consumption fluctuates based on peak and off-peak traffic volumes. However, current energy-saving measures are not optimized for traffic volume changes, resulting in high energy consumption during off-peak hours. As shown in the figure below, site traffic drops significantly from 00:00 to 06:00, yet the site’s power consumption remains relatively constant.

China Mobile Henan and Huawei have developed an intent-driven multi-dimensional intelligent network energy saving solution to maximize energy efficiency and maintain optimal network performance.

The solution includes an optimal shutdown combination and an optimal power combination, which are designed to maximize energy savings while ensuring accurate and controllable network performance. The solution implements multi-objective coordinated decision-making between sites, RATs (Radio Access Technologies), and frequencies. It uses network-level models for prediction and evaluation, achieving intelligent shutdown coordination and intelligent power coordination.

Furthermore, the solution automatically runs on the live network, ensuring constant and stable network KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

China Mobile Henan and Huawei piloted innovative intelligent power-saving technologies base on RAN digital twins system in Xinxiang, Henan province. In addition to the energy savings from the base station energy-saving technology, the pilot area has seen a reduction in energy consumption by 10.9% for each site, thanks to the application of coordinated power optimization, multi-parameter coordinated shutdown, multi-period coordinated dormancy, and on-demand experience shutdown. The KPIs related to network coverage, traffic, and handover continue to remain stable.

This successful practice in Xinxiang demonstrates China Mobile Henan’s significant progress in multi-objective collaborated optimization and energy-saving for multi-RAT, multi-frequency networks. Going forward, China Mobile Henan will continue to enhance its energy-saving technologies and apply them to all networks and sites in Xinxiang city(Author: Li Rui, Zhang Zhimin).