PRESS RELEASE: China Mobile Beijing and Huawei recently achieved a new milestone in successfully completing the pilot verification of the new generation green and energy-efficient “4448” antenna in Shunyi, Beijing. The new antenna enables RRU energy consumption reduction, while achieving the same coverage, showing a new method for building green and energy-efficient networks.

Green and energy-efficient antennas deployed in Beijing

In response to China’s strategy of energy saving and emission reduction, China Mobile Beijing has been committed to building green and energy-efficient networks, to improve energy utilization and promote low-carbon development.

Large-scale 5G deployment calls for higher requirements on energy saving, which are beyond the capability of conventional antennas. The green and energy-efficient antenna solution uses a unique cable-free architecture to eliminate energy losses, achieving higher energy efficiency. Additionally, the new laser welding assembly technology and automated manufacturing process greatly improve product consistency and precision, leading to higher and more reliable antenna performance. During network deployment, operators can optimize the balance between increasing network performance and saving energy, to flexibly meet their needs for better network coverage and lower power consumption.

Field tests showed a 2dB reduction in RRU power, compared with the conventional “4448” antenna, achieving the same network KPIs, uplink rate, and downlink throughput. With 30% network traffic load, one antenna can reduce about 1.69 tons of carbon emissions per year and save energy consumption by 17%. In addition, the new antenna greatly increased the traffic of the residing cell and slightly decreased the traffic of adjacent cells, enabling a 14.7% higher overall spectral efficiency in the area.

As a 5G network pioneer, China Mobile Beijing will continue to gather industry forces and lead tech innovation, to provide better user experiences and build benchmark green and energy-saving networks.