PRESS RELEASE: At the 11th Global Telecoms Awards (GLOTEL Awards), China Mobile and Huawei were jointly acknowledged with the ‘Telecoms Excellence’ award for their collaborative efforts in the CRM project’s agile delivery and the implementation of intelligent O&M transformation. Hosted by, a renowned telecom industry media under Informa, GLOTEL provides a platform to honor companies that have shown exceptional achievements and continuous innovation in shaping the progress and transformation of the communications industry.

The triumph of China Mobile and Huawei at the Telecoms Excellence Award signifies the industry’s recognition for their innovation and business achievements in the DevOps and intelligent operation domain.

China Mobile and Huawei Won the Telecoms Excellence Award

The evolution of cloud computing technologies has positioned private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud as the core infrastructure for enterprises. This transformation has created new challenges for DevOps teams deploying cloud-native technologies.

China Mobile has propelled the evolution of cloud-native technologies and advanced DevOps transformation through the Panzhou platform. Through extensive DevOps practices anchored in the platform and in collaboration with Huawei, China Mobile Jiangsu elevated its CRM project, enhancing agile development, CI/CD pipelines, canary releases, and intelligent O&M (AIOps). Those core delivery capabilities successfully facilitated China Mobile Jiangsu’s comprehensive transformation of cloud-native architecture, digital delivery, and intelligent O&M.

  • The requirement delivery time is reduced by 50%.
  • The self-healing rate of system process faults reaches 90%.
  • The problem solution time is improved by 49%.

Huawei CRM has been awarded the Glotel Award, recognizing its excellence in the field of Business Operation Support. This marks the second award for Huawei CRM in the past three months, following its win of the Ready for ODA (Open Digital Architecture) Award from TMForum. This recognition is expected to further enhance the collaboration and innovation in this domain between China Mobile and Huawei.

Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software Business, emphasized in an interview at DTW 2023, “Huawei Software strives to support our customers in maximizing their business revenue potential and actively exploring the digital world of the future, especially to embrace the new era of intelligent operations.”

Open, agile, and smart. Huawei CRM creates infinite possibilities for carriers.