14 June 2023

8:00am PT | 11:00am ET | 16:00 BST

The evolution of mobile networks from 4G to 5G to 5G SA (Stand Alone) has created significant cost pressures on Communication Service Providers (CSPs). As such, they seek new ways to get return on their investment and better monetize their assets. The charging system is a critical component when it comes to effectively monetizing new services and capabilities. As networks continue to evolve with 5G and cloud-native architectures, the ecosystem of potential value is growing, which requires flexible, standard compliant and more advanced charging systems to capture current and future revenue opportunities. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) today need to think about three key questions when it comes to future ready charging:

  • What are they charging for? New 5G network integrations allow for charging beyond connectivity, and CSPs need to start thinking about charging beyond traditional parameters, and towards the idea of ‘Anything you can measure, you can charge’.
  • How can CSPs reduce costs and increase efficiency of their charging systems? Standard business APIs are growing and charging systems need to support these
  • How can they speed up their charging transformation? Traditionally, charging transformation projects were slow and expensive. Increasingly CSPs are looking towards SaaS charging solutions to be able to innovate (and sometimes, fail) fast and better support ecosystem monetization

Join us on for a joint webinar where GSMA and Nokia experts will delve into these topics and how Nokia is supporting CSPs around the world to imaging the possible with their future ready charging solutions.