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Report: Amazon preps Android apps store

Internet retail giant Amazon is reportedly planning to build its own Android-based apps store in what would be a further sign of apps fragmentation on the Google platform – and a possible challenge to Android’s own app ‘Market.’ US website TechCrunch this week published specific details around pricing, developer royalties, and terms and conditions governing Amazon’s proposed new store, which is set to launch in the US.

GetJar: Making money from free app distribution

When it comes to app stores, there are plenty of challengers looking to unseat Apple: Google’s Android Market, Research In Motion’s App World, Nokia’s Ovi Store and multiple operator stores are fighting hard to gain traction in the market. However, in real terms, it is GetJar that is leading the resistance…

Appcellerator and FortiusOne partner for location-enabled app analysis

Appcellerator and FortiusOne partnered to deliver a location-based analytics platform for apps developers.

Analyst: Apps will come to Apple TV

It’s only a matter of time before Apple adds App Store functionality to its new Apple TV service, according to Gleacher & Co analyst Brian Marshall, who was quoted in a ComputerWorld report.

Samsung partners with Netbiscuits

Apps development platform vendor Netbiscuits has signed an agreement with Samsung Electronics

Distimo names new countries supporting Android Market paid apps

Mobile app analytic company Distimo has shed some possible light on which new countries are supporting paid apps in Android Market, following Google’s recent vague announcement that it is set to roll-out paid apps support for the store in “additional countries over the next few weeks.”

Privacy concerns after study finds Android apps transmitting user data

A US research study found that “two-thirds” of 30 apps selected from the most popular titles on the Android Market “used sensitive data suspiciously,” transmitting data including location, device IMEI and, in some cases, the phone number and SIM card serial number (ICC-ID), for purposes not explicitly clear to the end user.

RIM details development options for BlackBerry PlayBook

Research In Motion talked-up the developer options for its newly-announced BlackBerry PlayBook device, with Dan Dodge, co-founder and CEO of operating platform developer QNX, taking to the stage at the 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference to tout the potential of the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

RIM courts Web developers with BlackBerry WebWorks

Research In Motion used BlackBerry DevCon 2010 to woo the Web application development community, announcing BlackBerry WebWorks, which it says “enables web developers to build full-featured applications for BlackBerry smartphones entirely in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.”

RIM announces revamped developer tools, payment options at 2010 DevCon

Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO of Research In Motion, used his keynote address at the 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference to trumpet momentum for the platform, before introducing a number of new tools and services, telling the audience: “we continue to invest in additional services, to help you monetise and build your business.”