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Steve Costello

What is the point of the Nexus 4?

With competition so tough in the Android smartphone space, it is unclear what Google is hoping to achieve with its latest smartphone launch.

The right tool for the job

The GSM vs CDMA war is long gone, but niche markets are providing an opportunity for the CDMA450 sector.

Serious business

While mobile gaming is the bellwether app category, tough competition means it is a case of survival of the fittest.

Inside out

Motorola this week announced the first smartphone resulting from its partnership with Intel, the Razr …

Make some noise

Offering great smartphones is not enough to guarantee market success.

Onward and downward

Tough competition in the smartphone market has seen some high-profile names struggling.

An air of exclusivity

Reports that Nokia is trying to ape Apple with the launch of its next-generation Windows Phone devices give some cause for concern

Uneasy bedfellows

The role of Google in the Android ecosystem is likely to create unease for smartphone market leader Samsung

Paved with good intentions

Over the weekend, Finnish start-up Jolla came into the spotlight, with its plan to launch …

With friends like these

Microsoft last week announced Windows Phone 8 and, in one fell swoop, succeeding in making …