PRESS RELEASE: On the first day of MWC24, AsiaInfo International announces it has entered into an agreement for acquisition by CloudNET.AI, an investment holding company owned by Steve Chang, the founder of Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity giant.

Equipped with extensive global entrepreneurial expertise, he possesses the background, ability, and resources to effectively navigate various challenges worldwide, actively adapting to the constantly evolving digital landscape. Given the enormous potential and prosperous opportunities of current AI-enabled technologies and applications worldwide, Steve is motivated by his entrepreneurial passion to strategically establish a presence in the digital landscape. This is achieved by founding the investment holding company CloudNET.AI to increase global investments and add value in telecommunications, open RAN, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence industries.

Upon completion of the acquisition transaction, Edward Tian, the founder of AsiaInfo International, will transfer the accumulated knowledge and know-how in telecommunication and cybersecurity to the owner of CloudNET.AI, along with selling assets and shares of AsiaInfo International to him. Although Edward will step down from shareholder role, he will continue to serve as a key advisor to the new company, ensuring a smooth transfer and the continuation of customer success. More global and local management team members will be on board to localize the services, and corporate governance will be adjusted to enhance legal compliance, and corporate rebranding will also be coming up.

“I appreciate our team’s great efforts in exploring the new markets and new technologies in the last decades. The acquisition will not only open new doors for the company to explore and expand its reach into brand-new markets, but also inject international governance and talents that enable it to develop from cloud-native to AI-native.” said Edward Tian, the owner and chairman of AsiaInfo International before the acquisition. 

“I’m happy that AsiaInfo International now becomes an integral part of CloudNET.AI’s investment portfolio. I share the same vision with Edward that the future telecommunication network is an open, automated, software-defined network in the cloud. Our vision is to build an end-to-end open net solution where BSS play a key role for AI-based digital enablement.” said Steve Chang, the chairman and owner of CloudNET.AI. 

The transaction is still subject to local authorities filling and approval when necessary.