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Survey: nearly half of US online population using apps

19 SEP 2012

A study released by the Application Developers Alliance found that “nearly half” of respondents to a US online survey have downloaded an app, with existing users planning to increase their engagement and non-app users set to make their first downloads in the “near future”.

According to the poll, 62 percent of the US online population owned app-capable devices. Of these, 74 percent use mobile apps – although only a quarter have paid for a product. It was noted that “overall, nearly half of the US online population is already using apps.”

One-third of existing app users plan to use apps more often, and one-third of non-app users stated that they are likely to begin so in the next six months. Cost and lack of understanding were cited as the biggest barriers to app adoption.

Some 52 percent of respondents said they “mostly learn about new apps after hearing about them from friends”. The second most popular discovery method was browsing app stores and charts.

Smartphone users have an average of 18 apps, followed by 15 for tablet users. Two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users indicate they use half or more of their installed apps in a given month.

It was also noted that 57 percent of users place “great value” on app upgrades, while 46 percent feel that apps are continually improving, and look forward to new updates.

Some 1,000 online consumers were surveyed in the poll, which was conducted by Frank N Magid and Associates.


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