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SafeDK intros SDK monitoring platform

19 NOV 2015

SDK management platform SafeDK launched an in-app protection solution and marketplace with the hopes of “putting app security and quality in the hands of developers”.

The company recently ended its seed funding round, raising $2.25 million.

In-app protection solution
SafeDK monitors the real-time behaviour of SDKs and notifies developers of privacy, performance and stability issues. It provides control over SDK privacy permissions and allows developers to turn off SDKs or certain functionality without harming app stability.

Most apps use third party SDKs to add functionality such as advertising and analytics, which might cause issues like app slow down and crashes, as well as excessive battery consumption and malicious behaviour, the company explained.

To safeguard their apps and users, developers can integrate the SafeDK plug-in into their development environment or drag and drop their APK into the SafeDK platform, where it automatically populates all of the SDKs being used in that particular app.

This helps developers gain full transparency and control over their app security and quality with the ability to view live SDK issues and statistics, turn permissions on and off, or remotely deactivate an entire SDK.

SafeDK is launching a marketplace to serve as a developer hub for SDKs. The marketplace “brings the mobile developer community together to research, review and discuss the latest SDKs,” the company said.

Each SDK receives ratings and reviews from developers, as well as the ability to engage in technical discussions on issues found in various SDKs.

According to CEO Orly Shoavi. “When I wanted to find a specific SDK, I would Google it and get to the official SDK website. I couldn’t find any unbiased information or hear about the experience of others with this SDK. Once implemented, we experienced problems with our app, not knowing which SDK was causing us the problem. We were very exposed, vulnerable and without control.”

“That’s why we are so thrilled to be launching SafeDK as a holistic solution. We are the developers’ companion for the entire app development journey: from finding the right SDKs in our marketplace to ongoing in-app protection and real-time control. SafeDK’s technology combines post-production, high feature coverage with real-time solutions,” she said.


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