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Retail apps need to up their game, says Apadmi

24 MAR 2016

Retailers must invest in apps and make the most of features like push notifications and loyalty schemes, according to UK-based developer Apadmi, which said this could even help “avoid the estimated loss of 900,000 jobs and thousands of stores in the next decade”.

At the moment though, they are failing to do so: of the 1,000 UK smartphone users surveyed, 97 per cent take their devices with them when they go shopping and 41 per cent would use a retail app if it enhanced their in-store experience, but only 31 per cent currently use them when in a store.

What’s more, only 20 per cent currently use a loyalty scheme on their smartphone but 80 per cent would, in theory, be happy to collect points in this way, including when they complete certain tasks as they walk around the shop.

And 29 per cent said they would be happy to share their location with a retail app to receive contextual rich messages, incentives or offers.

The study said retailers should send push notifications to consumers to tell them when there is a deal on whilst they walk around the store.

Another opportunity being missed is mobile payments: 8 per cent of respondents said they have used apps to pay for products in-store, but 49 per cent would like to use retail apps with services like Apple Pay.

According to CEO Nick Black, “The rise of digital doesn’t mean the death of the high-street, like rumours would suggest. There is, in fact, a big opportunity for retailers to use mobile as a way to drive in-store sales.”

In a guest blog post for Mobile World Live, Black said common problems in retail apps include not being very easy to use, frustratingly slow and unresponsive.

“Our research found that as many as 60 per cent of those surveyed would delete an app if an issue with speed or responsiveness cropped up. Retailers cannot afford to get this wrong,” he wrote.

“Our research also identified the marketing function as an area for improvement. At present customers are frustrated by too many promotional messages,” he said, adding that “as well as ensuring the look and feel of the app is on point, it is also crucial to get the marketing function right. To create an app that provides customers with useful information about products and promotions that is tailored and of interest to the individual, personalisation is key.”

According to an App Annie study, the top 10 retail apps on iOS in November 2015 grew by 10 per cent while on Google Play they grew by 55 per cent, although Apple maintained the top spot.


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