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PlayHaven unveils developer tool marketplace

02 DEC 2011

Mobile game promotion and monetisation company PlayHaven launched its Self-Serve Marketplace, providing its network of iOS games publishers with access to third party tools as well as its own.

This means developers can deploy PlayHaven's internal cross promotion, player rewards and interstitial ad technology, but also additional functionality such as Tap.Me's in-game advertising, TeleSocial's in app voice messaging and PressOK’s Place Play location-based technology. The marketplace can be accessed via the PlayHaven platform’s SDK.

"Mobile game developers are being overwhelmed with products and services that require yet another SDK integration, data source to analyze, and relationship to manage. Opening up our platform to 3rd party service providers, and centralizing their tools and data into our technology stack, will allow our publishers to turn on powerful features in real-time without any of the existing pain points,” PlayHaven CEO Andy Yang said.


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