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Microsoft to accept app submissions for new Windows Phone Marketplaces soon

16 MAR 2012

Microsoft has announced it will be accepting app submissions to its App Hub for the Windows Phone Marketplaces recently announced for new markets in the next few weeks.

In a post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft’s Todd Brix said early submission will allow developers to establish a toehold in the download charts for the new app stores. “Prepare now and beat the crowd,” he said.

There will be 23 new Windows Phone Marketplaces launching this month, including China, Iraq,  Israel, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the UAE, Venezuala and Vietnam.

Microsoft opened five new app stores in Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines last year, meaning the new stores will bring the global total to 63. With the addition of new handsets running Windows Phone from Nokia, HTC and ZTE, Brix said the total addressable market for app developers will soon increase by 60 percent.

Developers can visit the App Hub and choose in which markets they would like to publish their apps. Once apps have been submitted it will take seven days for apps to be certified. Some markets may also require additional certification due to local laws.


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