Docomo debuts wearables API for apps and web

Docomo debuts wearables API for apps and web

03 OCT 2014

NTT Docomo released its Device Connect WebAPI, intended to enable smartphone apps and web content to control various wearables for healthcare and other applications, as well as collecting data from these devices.

The Japanese operator said the technology can link devices between different manufacturers, without the need for developers to become familiar with the development requirements of different vendors.

It also said that its “high extensibility” will enable compatibility with new devices coming to market, which was described as a “key benefit”.

Device Connect WebAPI uses technology which Docomo said is currently undergoing standardisation through the Open Mobile Alliance. It is also working with “leading smart-glasses developers” Seiko, Epson, Vuzix and Westunitis to develop and verify “highly enhanced functions for these devices”.

The API is being shared as open software with app and device developers via GitHub, with the aim to “enhance both the API and related technical specifications in pursuit of commercialisation”.


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