AppsGeyser adds colour option to app personalisation

AppsGeyser adds colour to app tools

11 FEB 2013

App tools company AppsGeyser introduced a new tool that allows users to personalise the colour of their apps to more closely reflect their branding and to boost recognition.

AppsGeyser allows non-developers to quickly create Android apps from web content, such as YouTube content and RSS feeds. More than 323,000 apps have been built using the platform, which have generated more than 183 million downloads.

Users can also customise their app icons, browser settings and create Javascript code for their app via a dashboard.

“Companies who build their brand’s reputation find that color schemes are vital to their marketing plan. It was not a question, if, we would implement these new features, but how quickly we could get them onto our tool bar,” said AppsGeyser co-founder, Vasily Salomatov.


Tim Ferguson

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