Developers can now measure Instagram campaign results via AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer supports mobile app install campaigns on Instagram

03 SEP 2015

AppsFlyer, a mobile advertising measurement platform, can now track the effectiveness of mobile app install campaigns on Instagram.

Launched in conjunction with Facebook’s new mobile app install program via Instagram, AppsFlyer enables app marketers to measure Instagram campaign results in order to optimise lifetime value and overall advertising effectiveness.

The introduction of mobile app install ads on Instagram allows marketers to “reach active and highly engaged mobile users at scale”, while AppsFlyer’s “attribution analytics platform provides the independent and unbiased reports necessary to ensure that Instagram install campaigns provide a positive return on investment”, the company said in a statement.

AppsFlyer, a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), provides marketers with real-time access to campaign data including impressions, clicks and cost, alongside post-install activity such as in-app purchases, sessions, ARPU, LTV and ROI, through a centralised dashboard.

Game developer Product Madness was one of the first advertisers using AppsFlyer to measure Instagram app install campaigns.

According to its mobile user acquisition manager, Patrick Witham, Sr., “Instagram focused our social interactions on visually-rich communications rather than text-centric conversations, changing the way we communicate as a community and as marketers.”

“The AppsFlyer-Instagram integration allows us to measure the impact of these rich interactions. This is a game changer for mobile app marketers, and Instagram advertisers,” he added.

According to AppsFlyer CEO and co-founder Oren Kaniel, the company worked with Facebook in 2012 to release the Facebook Mobile App Install Ads and has seen “over 1,000 per cent growth every year since then”, adding that he is “confident that with Instagram that growth will accelerate.”

Earlier this week, Instagram added new features allowing users to exchange messages in private and group conversations as it reportedly tries to keep up with rival Snapchat.


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