The evolution to 5G has transformed the way the network is organised. In earlier generations, interoperability between RAN equipment from different vendors was limited. Operators were locked to a single supplier of the radio and baseband unit.

Now we are moving to the era of Open RAN – a concept that makes it possible to standardise RAN elements. Open RAN introduces a unified interconnection standard, which allows baseband and radio unit components from different suppliers to work seamlessly together.

The challenge is that most developers who want to test their r/ xApps don’t have access to network user data and RAN scenarios. They need a repeatable environment in which to emulate the RAN scenarios – and test them in real time, given that much of the RIC’s functionality is performed almost instantly.

This case study dives deeper into this important topic and explores the challenges of deploying a RIC and the benefits of using a RAN emulator.

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