25 October 2023

13:00 BST

Satellite technology is one of the hottest areas in connectivity today. Supported by huge brands such as Apple’s iPhone, and with expanding coverage from LEO operators like Starlink and OneWeb and the formalisation of non-terrestrial networks in 3GPP standards, telco-satellite partnerships are gaining momentum, promising increased coverage and revenues.

Building on a partnership between the GSMA and European Space Agency (ESA) launched earlier this year, Mobile World Live presents a webinar focused on exploring the current status and evolution of 5G satellite services, including an in-depth exploration of the market, technical and strategic issues.

Featuring speakers from GSMA and ESA, the webinar will cover:

  • 5G Technology – The transformational perspectives regarding 5G’s potential and the substantial opportunities and challenges ahead
  • Technical Overview – Challenges in 5G radio technology. Methods to enhance the reception sensitivity in both user equipment and satellites
  • Industry Developments and Market Landscape – Recent advancements blending 5G satellite technology and mobile communications to tackle connectivity challenges. An overview of Satellite 5G, 5G standards and Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN)
  • Market Interest and Use Cases – Full scope of 5G possibilities and use cases, addressing technical, regulatory, and geopolitical challenges
  • Learnings – Gathering insights from earlier space-based mobile service attempts. Considerations: funding, enhancing performance
  • What’s next? What are the further developments we can expect in this field?