PRESS RELEASE: Wuzhen, one of China’s most popular tourist destinations, is an ancient town known for charming riverside landscapes, unique buildings, and rich cultural heritage.

It hosts the annual World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, which attracts renowned figures from the Internet industry and from all around the world to share their insights on the development of the Internet. Since becoming the host place for this conference, Wuzhen has been given a modern touch. It has benefited from the rapid development of the digital technologies, which have revolutionized our lives. It plays a key role in promoting the cooperation and exchange of ideas related to the Internet between China and the rest of the world.

2023 marks the tenth annual World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit. To ensure premium connections during this anniversary event and beyond, China Unicom Zhejiang has worked with Huawei to bring the latest 5.5G technology to this town. The single-cell downlink peak speed can now reach up to 26.2 Gbps.

China Unicom Zhejiang has dedicated itself to building reliable networks and improving their capabilities. During the Wuzhen Summit, the network performed 25 times better than ever before, with optimal spectral, energy, and O&M efficiencies. This was possible thanks to innovative 5.5G technologies featuring the mixed use of high- and low-band spectrum. The network was able to provide the huge capacity required to support new services, such as UHD live streaming, naked-eye 3D, and XR. This helped the summit to deliver on its promise of “creating an inclusive and resilient digital world beneficial to all – building a community with a shared future in cyberspace”.

China Unicom Zhejiang also continues to actively invest in the application of 5.5G across verticals. For example, before the Wuzhen Summit, the company worked with Huawei to bring 5.5G to the substations of the State Grid’s Jiaxing branch. With the harmonized communication and sensing services that come with 5.5G, the branch can now detect drone intrusions 1,000 meters away from its substations.

China Unicom Zhejiang will continue to keep up with global development and innovation trends related to 5G and explore the possibilities that new 5.5G applications can bring, to drive the growth of the digital economy in Zhejiang through digital and intelligent technologies.