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Whitepaper: Designing a scalable network to unleash the true potential of 5G

5G is not just another ‘G’ in the evolution of cellular radio networks – it is so much more. 5G promises incredible advancements over 4G, including data rates of up to 10 Gb/s, latencies as low as 1ms, densities of up to 10 Tb/s and the ability to connect up to 1 million devices per square kilometer.

However, the secret to delivering that lies not only in the radio antennas and base stations, but the core transport network that sits behind it. 5G base stations can’t deliver superfast speeds and ultra­low latencies if the core network is gummed up with congested data traffic. The core network must be congestion  free, else the whole value proposition of 5G falls apart.

The technology to do this exists: it’s all a matter of using the right components to build the right architecture. This paper looks at how Philippines incumbent operator PLDT and Cisco are designing a new and scalable network architecture that can unleash the true potential of 5G.

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