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The Practicalities of eSIM for IoT: A Hands-On Guide for Businesses and Enterprise Companies

IoT is revolutionizing businesses, industries, and society by bringing cellular network connectivity to all types of devices — from personal health monitors to smart meters, industrial facilities, agricultural equipment, shipped goods, and more.

Despite the very real success of IoT and its seemingly endless opportunities, implementing IoT has not been easy, scalable, or cost-effective for many companies. A range of factors play a role, including the proprietary nature of the SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules) that are physically installed in every device.

This whitepaper discusses eSIM’s influence on the business proposition for IoT, mobile industry support for the technology, promising applications, and common concerns. It presents a 5-stage process for eSIM deployment that companies can follow to develop successful solutions while minimizing risk.

Please, click here to download the whitepaper.