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The future of communications is programmable

Thrive in a post-COVID world: turn your communications into software enabled services.

2020 has marked a turning point for millions of consumers. They have embraced digital journeys – both at work and at leisure. They are not going back.

This sudden shift has changed how customers view their preferred brands. They expect more. They want two-­way conversations on their terms over the channels they like best.

Meeting these expectations sounds challenging, but it need not be. The ‘secret sauce’ is communications platform as a service (CPaaS).

CPaaS turns voice, messaging and video into software. Enterprises of all kinds can use CPaaS to engage with customers on any channel. They can manage all this activity from a simple dashboard.

CPaaS is affordable. Enterprises pay a knowable fee for the whole service. There’s no installation or on­ going maintenance to worry about.

Tata Communications is a leading digital ecosystem enabler and CPaaS provider and the sponsor of this paper. You will learn how CPaaS is helping enterprises to adapt to a digital­-first post-COVID world – and how it can help yours too.

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