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Targeting and trust. How IP geotargeting can help solve digital marketing’s current issues

After 20 boom years, adtech now faces challenges on multiple fronts: privacy scandals, falling response rates, click fraud, regulation, supply-side monopoly and more.

Digital marketing has come to a crossroads. Consumers want personalisation without intrusion. Meanwhile, brands are demanding better response rates.

Is there any technology that can help advertisers send genuinely targeted messages, while respecting privacy?

Many believe IP geolocation could be it. IP geolocation lets an advertiser know where its customer is now. With this insight, it can send contextually relevant advertising and content. And yet IP geolocation is also entirely anonymous. The IP address reveals nothing personal about the user.

In this white paper, you will learn what IP geolocation is, and discover the many benefits it unlocks for brands, advertisers, publishers and broadcasters.

Please click here to download the whitepaper.