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Report: HP set to announce WebOS plans imminently

HP head Meg Whitman told French newspaper Le Figaro that the company is set to …

HP revamps webOS unit; set for developer push

HP announced a restructure of its webOS device platform business, as part its strategy for “accelerating the global expansion” of the operating system.

Report: Intel courted HP exec for senior role

Intel is reported to have approached HP executive Todd Bradley about taking on a “senior position” with the company, breaking with its tradition of recruiting senior executives internally.

HP set to support webOS in PCs

HP is looking to include support for its webOS operating system on every PC it manufactures, in order to broaden the potential appeal of the platform, Bloomberg reports.

HP accuses RIM of ripping-off WebOS tablets

RIM’s new PlayBook tablet is a “fast imitation” of Palm’s WebOS platform, according to an executive at Palm-owner HP.

HP unveils webOS device portfolio

HP announced three products powered by the webOS platform gained through its acquisition of Palm, including two smartphones and the long-anticipated tablet powered by the operating system. Although it is the handsets that are likely to bring the volumes for HP, it was the tablet that has drawn much of the attention.

HP wows with future of webOS but falls short on delivery

No word on pricing or specific release date for impressive TouchPad

BlackBerry plummets, Android on the up at Verizon Wireless

Research agency ITG Investment Research published a detailed analysis of Verizon Wireless’ smartphone sales figures, which show strong growth in Android sales accompanied by a sharp drop-off for BlackBerry, which has gone from 90 percent of sales to 20 percent in twelve months.

Palm to launch new apps framework

Palm has announced a new applications framework called Enyo which it will release to developers next year

HP unveils webOS 2.0; no mention of tablets

HP officially unveiled webOS 2.0, a new release of the device operating system it gained through its acquisition of Palm, describing it as “the most significant update to the platform since its launch in 2009.”