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Juniper: global LTE service revenue to top US200B by 2015

Global service revenues from LTE mobile broadband networks will pass US$200 billion in 2015, from a “standing start” in 2011, according to Juniper Research.

The tablet market: a marathon, not a sprint

But where will long-term growth come from?

IDC: Global apps revenue to increase more than 60% through 2014

New research from IDC forecasts that the number of downloaded apps is expected to increase from 10.9 billion worldwide in 2010 to 76.9 billion in 2014, while market revenues will experience similar growth, surpassing US$35 billion in 2014

Mobile games revenues to surpass US11B by 2015; in-game purchases to overtake pay-per-download

Juniper Research forecasts that revenues from in-game purchases will overtake the traditional pay-per-download model as the primary source of monetising mobile games by 2013, fulled by Apple’s in-app billing mechanism.

Tablet sales to hit 80M in next five years; Apple is the one to beat

The global tablet market hit 4.4 million unit sales in the third-quarter and will exceed 80 million annual device sales by 2015, according to new reports

Juniper: 25B mobile app store downloads by 2015

Juniper Research claims that mobile app store downloads will hit 25 billion by 2015, but new storefronts face an uphill task to compete with established leaders such as Apple’s App Store

How big is the mobile app economy?

Despite bullish growth forecasts, the economics of the mobile apps market will remain pretty precarious for developers without corporate sponsors

Report: Dedicated mobile TV networks face uncertain future

A new study has found that disappointing adoption levels of existing mobile TV services, allied to competition both from streamed mobile services facilitated by the growing prevalence of Wi-Fi and from mobile reception of free-to-air terrestrial networks, has lead to growing disillusionment within the industry

Global mobile VoIP users to top 100M by 2012

The number of mobile VoIP users worldwide is set to exceed 100 million by 2012, according to research firm Juniper Research.

Mobile retail market to exceed US12B

A new report from Juniper Research has found that one-to-one marketing allied to the rapid proliferation of smartphones will be among the key drivers of a mobile retail market which is anticipated to exceed US$12 billion by 2014.