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Android Market set to gain app store dominance

Google’s Android Market has passed the 200,000 app mark, and if current growth rates are maintained, will be the largest app store in terms of products available in “approximately five months”, according to the latest research from Distimo.

Distimo: Android Market content could rival iPhone app store this year

EXCLUSIVE: Google’s Android Market is growing at such a fast rate that app analytics company Distimo claims it could boast as many apps as Apple’s App Store for iPhone by the end of this year.

MWC 2011: The battle for developers

After spending four days at this year’s show, here’s Distimo’s takeaways on likely app store developments for 2011.

Distimo: Mac App Store providing swift challenge to other Apple stores

App store analysis firm Distimo said that less than two months after the launch of Apple’s App Store for Mac computers, the top 300 apps on this platform already generate half the revenue of the top 300 iPad applications, on average.

WP7 and Android Market top app store growth charts

Distimo noted that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and Google’s Android Market were “clearly ahead of the other app stores in terms of growth rates” during January 2011, with growth of 30 percent and 18 percent respectively.

Developers and customers embracing in-app purchases

The higher volumes of downloads for free apps compared to their paid-for siblings is attracting developers to switch to monetisation methods other than paid purchases, according to Distimo.

Developer activity increasing beyond Apple ecosystem

App Store analytics firm Distimo published its analysis of market developments during 2010, noting that while Apple grew the most in terms of number of apps added, the runners-up showed more growth in percentage terms – indicating a growing interest in platforms other than iOS.

Mobile Asia Congress recap: Go local!

Distimo’s Vincent Hoogsteder reviews the big app developments at last month’s GSMA Mobile Asia Congress/App Planet

WP7 apps are cheapest of all stores

New analysis from Distimo claims apps in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace have an average price of just US$1.95

Indonesia’s XL hails mobile VAS success

The key question of how to monetise apps dominated this morning’s second session at App Planet Forum, where speakers explained how the industry needed to look beyond smartphone apps to find the real revenue opportunity.