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Paid app revenue hits $8B, but app average falls

Smartphone users on the top five app platforms are spending more on paid apps but …

Pirated apps appear on BlackBerry App World

Pirated Android apps are reportedly being sold on RIM’s BlackBerry App World store. A developer said …

Spotify app available for BlackBerry

RIM announced availability of a Spotify app through BlackBerry App World, providing users with access to a catalogue of up to 16 million music tracks.

The cross-store app opportunity

Developers are increasingly publishing apps to multiple app stores in order to maximise their potential audience, app store analysis company Distimo said.

RIM improves app beta testing site

RIM has made a number of changes to its BlackBerry Beta Zone website, which enables users to test Blackberry apps before they are available more widely.

Opera Mini arrives in BlackBerry App World

The Opera Mini mobile browser is now available on the BlackBerry App World app store.

BlackBerry App World content rating goes live

RIM’s BlackBerry App World has adopted a new content rating system aimed at making the …

RIM breaks out platform stats

RIM said that 100 percent of customers making paid-for app purchases from BlackBerry App World are using devices running BlackBerry OS v4.5 or later, with 90 percent of free apps downloaded by users of these platforms.

Big four app stores set for solid 2011 growth

Combined revenue from the “four major mobile application stores” will increase by 77.7 percent to US$3.8 billion in 2011, with Apple’s App Store forecast to snag a “gargantuan” three quarters of this, according to a study from IHS Screen Digest.

Survey: Total mobile app downloads near 7.9B in 2010

Total mobile applications downloads in 2010 numbered nearly 7.9 billion from all stores last year, according to ABI Research.