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Rewriting the Infrastructure Rulebook with OpenRAN

2019 was a breakout year for OpenRAN technology, which promises to break the dominance of the traditional ‘Big Three’ vendors by allowing baseband processing to run via software on white label hardware. This opens the door to greater competition and innovation within the radio access network space.  The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has been driving progress in this area through its OpenRAN group.

The technology is in early stages in terms of commercial deployments. The most substantial to date is Telefónica Peru and its Internet para Todos (IpT) project.  Also, Vodafone broke the ice in late 2019 by announcing intention to tender its European network, opening up the possibility of OpenRAN players in this huge deployment.

This whitepaper will explore advantages OpenRAN can offer, how Telefónica, Vodafone and TIP have been key drivers and what this means for the next generation network in the future.

Please click here to download the whitepaper.