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[box-list title=”Service Overview: Driving Open RAN Deployment with Confidence and Success” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”GSMA Intelligence: Global Trends Report 2023″ image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey Report: Operator Opinions and Strategies for 5G, AI/ML, ORAN, Cloud, and Energy Usage” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Making mobile networks more sustainable and energy efficient” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”RADAR: Digital transformation in a post-pandemic future: private 5G, eSIM, cloud and edge in vogue” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Operators embrace virtualised, open networks with agile automation to meet future demands” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”RADAR: The sustainable telco” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Industry survey on Open RAN adoption” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”RADAR: Roaming in a post-Covid world” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”RADAR: Connectivity from the sky” image=”” link=”″]

[box-list title=”Operator Strategies for M2M/IoT Roaming” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”State of the Market on Integrated SIM (iSIM): Ready for Massive IoT?” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Operator Strategies for Evolving to a Cloud-Native Network Architecture” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey Report: Top 10 IoT Priorities in Manufacturing” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey Report: How eSIM is transforming connectivity for consumers and enterprises” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey report: How sustainable are our mobile networks” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey report: Making the case for carrier billing” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey Report: Great Expectations: Sizing the Opportunity for 5G in Vertical Industries” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey Report: Operator strategies for disaggregation in 5G transport networks” image=” ” link=””]

[box-list title=”Report: Get Ready for IoT Edge – The Next Frontier” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Report: Mobile and the Internet of Things” image=” ” link=””]

[box-list title=”Infographic: Survey Report: The Future of UC&C on Mobile” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Survey Report: The Future of UC&C on Mobile” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/PGiWPcover.png” link=””]

[box-list title=”Digital Transformation Report” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/DTS-cover.png” link=””]

[box-list title=”Annual Industry Survey Report 2017″ image=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/annual-survey-cover-1.jpg” link=””]

[box-list title=”Connected Car Report” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Connected-car-survey-Feb-2017.png” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Future of Mobile Video” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Cartesian-Future-of-mobile-video.jpg” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Business of Tomorrows” image=”×211.jpg” link=””]