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New Whitepaper – How To Build Automated NFV Infrastructure

It’s been nearly five years since Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) was first conceived by a group of leading network operators, but the promise of running more flexible, better performing and highly cost-efficient communication networks is not yet within their reach. In fact, there is growing scepticism about the business case for NFV. Part of the reason for this sense of disillusionment is that current NFV solutions make trade-offs between service agility and performance and cost savings. Few, if any, solutions can provide all of these benefits, which together forge the fundamental promise of NFV.

In this phase of NFV development, it’s time to get back to basics and rethink how the underlying NFV infrastructure (NFVi) is implemented. The key to achieving the flexibility, performance and cost savings that operators require is to ensure that the NFVi is inherently designed to enable automation.

But how do operators get there? This whitepaper explores the steps network operators can take to construct NFVi that will achieve the performance, flexibility and cost efficiency they need to make the NFV business case work.